How many tests are in the kit and can they only be used by one person?
There are two test kits - a travel kit and a kit that cannot be used for travel. The travel kit comes with 2 tests and 2 virtual appointments. The two tests in this kit can be used by different people. You will receive a certificate that can be used for travel once you complete your virtual consultation. 
The kit that contains 5 antigen tests cannot be used for travel. 
Can I use the results of this test to travel?
Yes. Our Test from Anywhere kit can be used for travel. This test kit comes with 2 tests and 2 virtual appointments (cost includes the appointments). Once you complete your virtual appointment, a certificate will be emailed to you. You can use this certificate to travel to countries that accept COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests. 
Our 5 pack antigen test kit can NOT be used for travel. This test kit is for re-assurance purposes only.
How does the Test from Anywhere kit work?
Once you purchase the Test from Anywhere kit, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email contains a link that will enable you to book your virtual consultation. Once your virtual consultation is booked, you will receive an email with a link. When its time for your appointment, click on the link. You will need your test kit code (a sticker with a 6 digit code in your kit) and a device that has a camera and a microphone to join the appointment. A nurse will join your appointment, verify your identity, watch you do the test and the wait on the video call until you get your result. You will be asked to show the nurse your result. The call will then end and you should receive your travel certificate within 30 minutes. 
What if I missing my test kit code?
Please email info@fhhealth.com with the name and order number of your kit. We will provide you with your test kit code. 
What if I can't find the link to book my virtual appointment?
Please email info@fhhealth.com with the name and order number of your kit and we will provide you with the booking link. There is also a sheet of paper in your Test from Anywhere kit that contains the booking link. 
Who does the virtual appointment?
The virtual appointment is supervised by a Nurse at FH Health. 
How long does it take to do the test?
The test itself takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. 
What happens if I haven't received my travel certificate from my virtual appointment?
Please email us at info@fhhealth.com
What is a rapid antigen test for COVID-19?
Rapid antigen (lateral flow) tests can process COVID-19 samples quickly without the need for any lab equipment. They differ from Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests which look for genetic material from the virus and are generally more sensitive.
If I get a negative test result, does that mean that I don’t have COVID-19 and that I can’t pass the infection on to other people?
A negative test result means that it is very unlikely that you are infected with Covid-19.
What if I get an invalid test result when I use the Test from Anywhere Kit?
Unfortunately you will have to repeat your test. FH At Home Inc and FH Health Inc. are not liable for any change to travel plans that may result from an invalid test result. 
Can I use this test on children?
Yes. You many use the screening process/test on children. Remember to compete your training online before beginning the screening process/test.
Can I use the screening service outside of Ontario?
Yes. The test is Health Canada Approved. 
What if something is damaged or broken in the box?
Email us at info@fhathome.com and we will provide you with advice/replacement.
What if I don't need my kit anymore? Can I return it for a refund?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returned kits once they are posted or picked up.
How quickly will I get my kit in the mail?
All orders are sent via Canada Post and we cannot guarantee Canada Post shipping times. Orders received Monday to Friday before 3:00pm are dropped off to the post office on the same day. Orders received after 3:00pm are dropped off to the post office the next day. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are posted on Monday. 
Who manufacturers the tests?
The tests are called "CovClear COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests." The tests are manufactured by Empowered Diagnostics in the Unites States. The nasal sensitivity of the test is 96% (symptomatic and asymptomatic testing).  These tests can only be used in Canada. These tests are Health Canada approved for self-collection. Please note that these tests cannot be used in the United States - they have not yet been approved for use by the FDA.